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Business and Management Academy represents an educational institution aiming to help the trainees fit the demands and standards of Georgian market.  The training course is focused on giving young people practical, as well as theoretical, knowledge.

The training centre is founded to decrease the obstacles, graduating students encounter when applying for the job. Nowadays, the high educational institutions provide their students with mostly theoretical, rather than practical courses that causes the evident lack of experience among youngsters. This standard does not allow young people to fulfill the demands of the public or private sector.

Business and Management Academy is oriented to give the participants a solid foundation of forming and developing practical skills.  Hence, the teaching course includes chronics of international practices and leading methodologies, compiled by highly experienced, qualified and practicing specialists.



Students - Training & Consulting

After finishing our 3 month training course + consulting practices, 85% of our students were employed within next 6 month.


Students - Training

After finishing only our 3 month training course, 70% of our students were employed within next 6 month.


Business - Training

75% of all our business customers were satisfied with our professional training programs.


Business - Training & Consulting

95% of all our business customers were satisfied with our consulting practices.




Training for students

This program is for students, who want to improve their skills and knowledge in various fields.

Training for Managers

This program is made for managers, who want to improve their understanding in business processes so that they could implement practical knowledge acquired on the training courses by themselves. Trainings are conducted by professional experts in various fields.

Consulting for Job seekers

This program is for students who are in their 3rd or 4th year of studying and who are planning to apply for internship or full time position job in their field.

Business Consulting

This program is for managers who want to develop their business, increase sales, understand business processes more deeply so that they can analyse their business from different perspectives etc.

Training & Consulting


ბიზნესისა და მენეჯმენტის აკადემია გთავაზობთ სათანადო უნარებისა და გამოცდილების მქონე  ტრენერთა ჯგუფს, რომლებიც დღემდე წარმატებით მოღვაწეობენ თავიანთ სფეროში და მიყვებიან თანამებდროვე საბაზრო ტენდენციებს.